Merrill Hoge Likes Shaky Limbs

TO Touchdown
Nothing brings in the late evening like Trey Wingo and Merrill Hoge going on about football with that super-duper exciting NFL Live music in the background. We were kind of just letting it ride along and ignoring it – sometimes we get all deep on the internets and forget stupid people are blaring in the background – when all of sudden we got this little gem from ole Merrill:

“One thing was confirmed in this game: Terrell Owens is the most overrated wide receiver of our generation. His career is littered with drops in clutch situations, and no different here.”

Hmmm. As we all know, Hoge has never been wrong before. Maybe TO is overrated. Maybe his seven 1,000 yard plus seasons are a joke. And perhaps he did choke his face off during the Super Bowl with the Eagles. And don’t think for a minute that coming back on a bum leg is any sort of excuse. Or maybe he’s just a monster stud of a wide receiver who’s totally f’d in the head and gets more scrutiny because of the way he acts and Hoge just doesn’t like him as a person so he’s attacking his credibility as a wide receiver. Yeah. That seems more likely.