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Vah-Vinny and the…Right. Sorry.

Testaverde Red JerseyNo huge shock as earlier today, Vinny Testaverde inked a deal with the P-Cats. He had to pass a physical, but given that there are photos of him in a red jersey on the practice field, it would seem his frail little old man bones are in near perfect health.

We wrote earlier that we think Chris Leak should be on the Panthers roster, if only because he’s a Charlotte guy, he was football-smart and talented enough to help Florida win a national championship, and well, we always kind of liked the guy. However, going with another rookie to backup Mittens wasn’t the smart play, and Panthers brass clearly understood that.

There are plenty of Panther fans kind of “meh-meh”ing this signing, but what it does is provide the Cats with a game manager who can step in if Carr goes down and not make a slew of stupid decisions. It’s not an attack on the quality of Matt Moore as an NFL quarterback, but with signal callers across the league going down in droves, it was essential to get the best available guy, without having to give up any integral parts to the rest of the team. So, to recap, good signing.