Who Will be David Carr’s Trent Dilfer?

Plummer, Rattay, Leak and VinnyWith Jake Delhomme donecakes for the year, Charlotte.com brings up the 25 pound pink elephant balloon this morning; who are the Panthers going to sign to backup David Carr? (And will that person fall in behind Matt Moore as well? – That’s us asking, not them.)

The list of starting NFL QB’s hurt and ailing is lengthy enough to prompt Trent Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Trent Dilfer, Cleo Lemon, Gus Ferrotte, Kurt Warner and Brian Griese to all end up as starting signal callers in week six. Edwards and Croyle aren’t washed up nobodies, but they’re rookies. Warner is a former two time MVP but Satan cashed that contract in a few years ago. And Brian Griese’s dad is famous. So he’s got that going for him.

But who’s out there for the P-cats? Remember, Mittens already has a bad back after getting sacked (the Saints first and only sack of the season!) Sunday. With that in mind, we need someone who can actually play the position.

Update: Looks like we can just about scratch Vinny off the list.

Jake Plummer comes to mind (mainly because he and Carr could combine for the sickest pornstache quarterback combo of all time) but there are a few major obstacles. First, he wants to start somewhere. Second, he’s currently owned by Tampa Bay, and it’s unlikely they’ll want to help out a divisional rival. Although in fairness, Nick Goings would probably be an upgrade over Ernest Graham and Mike Pittmann.

Vinny Testeverde is like a handicapped Superman when it comes to teams that need a quarterback. This might actually happen.

Drew Bledsoe is “worth a call” according to the Observer. Really? Is he though? It’s possible that Bledsoe and Carr could sit around and talk about their all time favorite sacks and concussions, but this ain’t happening. Don’t you think he’s plenty sick of people stealing jobs from him at this point?

Chris Leak is a Cha-town native himself, but as the Observer points out, signing a young quarterback isn’t a huge priority for the Panthers. They have Basanez and Carr on the roster already. A “safe” veteran presence would make more sense. And his dad is a meddling pain in the ass (according to rumor. Do not sue us Mr. Leak.). Still, why wouldn’t this happen? It’s not like Vinny or Drew are the paradigms of freaking health either.

Tim Rattay is a free agent, but he was also recently released by the Titans. That doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that Jeff Fisher though Kerry Collins was a better backup option for Vince Young.

Another name we’d like to see mentioned: Billy Volek (currently employed by the Chargers) who isn’t going to play over Phil Rivers any time soon could/should/would be a viable backup option and would probably prefer the more likely chance of playing in Charlotte. Although San Diego is damn nice this time of year.

In all likelihood, it’ll end up being someone who’s a free agent though. Which we’re fine with. As long as Chris Weinke‘s not involved. He might secretly be older than Vinny.


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  1. So much for Rattay: http://www.nfl.com/news/story?id=09000d5d8031e923&template=without-video&confirm=true

    Looks like Carr is Carolina’s best option. May god have mercy on you.

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